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About Mozaic


MOZAIC is a 501(c)3 organization. We launched our programs in 2016 in order to empower refugees, women, and children to help establish a strong base in our communities.

Helping refugees in the DMV area is essential for them to feel at home and to invest in their talents and qualifications so they will be able to be self-sufficient and contribute to their new society. 

We are committed to creating opportunities for refugees, women, and children that showcase their abilities and wealth of knowledge.

Our Mission  Cultivating grassroots, empowering refugees, women, and children to enrich our communities.

 Our Vision

Empowering women is integral to supporting and enriching our societies as they are half of the society and responsible for raising the other half.


Our Story

In 2016 refugees were arriving in the Washington D.C area in numbers. We noticed a gap in the DMV areas services for refugees. Mozaic aimed at helping those in need including women, children, and refugees establish a base far from home, build communities and become self- sufficient. We are committed to creating opportunities that not only help them but also showcase their abilities and wealth of knowledge. Services offered include: Housing assistance, school enrollment, ESOl classes, vocational training, job search, educational and religious classes, medical assistance, transportation, and more. Today, Mozaic helped more than 330+ refugee families from Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, and elsewhere.

✅ We Believe in Community and Collaboration

✅ We Believe in Empowerment and Integrity

✅ We Believe in Independence and Equality

A refugee journey begins when they are torn away from their homes, and forced to migrate to an unfamiliar land. This requires infinite courage, strength and resilience in the face of the unknown. These men, women and children bring outstanding energy, determination, a wealth of knowledge, and new perspectives to their new societies and communities. We believe no one should face these struggles alone, so we work every day to find and create opportunities and possibilities that will make their resettlement not only smooth and beneficial for them but also for their new communities.


46090 Lake Center Plaza Suite 304, Sterling, VA 20165

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